Art is all about exploring and searching while creating is the process.


China CITIC Bank International Limited (the “Bank” or “CNCBI”) and We-search collaborate on “Art in CNCBI” with an aim of laying an interactive platform for artists and the public by bringing art into the Bank’s network while opening up space for local artists. “Art in CNCBI” continues to evolve since its 2012 inception. A total of 100 artworks by local artists are currently being exhibited at about 20 points of the CNCBI network in Hong Kong.


A brand new artistic experience, “Art in CNCBI” offers artworks in a diverse range of media such as drawing and sculpture as well as mixed-media art pieces are showcased across the Bank’s network in a rotational manner, creating parallel existence for art and commerce by expanding the possibility of traditional commercial spaces.


“Art in CNCBI” is an intersection for art and a search process for what’s “right there and then”. CNCBI, We-search and a group of artists come together for art, laying the track for a search process during which the Bank searched for an art partner, artists and art pieces. Searching is also the inspirational vision for We-search. Innovation stems from the humble pursuit of knowledge and this meeting of minds contributes to this wonderful fusion of art and commerce.


The discovery of the extraordinary in ordinary surroundings unveils the rich meanings of the ordinary and the extraordinary – finding art in the hustle and bustle of the city, spotting an artist in the crowd, or experiencing culture in the fast-paced economy. Neither the ordinary nor the extraordinary is set in stone. This also explains the possibilities of art which allows its audience to shape their own artistic perspectives.


Each of the artists in “Art in CNCBI” follows their own pursuits. Jakie Leung and the 8 Female Dimensions explore the imagery of life. The works of the 8 Female Dimensions grow with the times in an ongoing exploration of the relationship between life and space. Monita Wong, in turn, revisits her childhood memories in emotional watercolour. Cornelia Erdmann, meanwhile, is capturing the images of the city by exposing the facades of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Zhang Zhe examines the changes in urban ecology by exploring the relationship between material values and the Hong Kong city through uses of stainless steel. These artists mark their search and experiences on their works, opening up conversations with life, which enable their audience to experience art in their everyday life.


Come and join us at CNCBI and embark on an art journey of its own kind!