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Chan, Wai Bong Clement

Victory Festival
Arcylic on canvas
130 x 330cm
Seasoned Hong Kong painter Clement Chan obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art from the US. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Chan has more than 20 years’ work experience in art education in Hong Kong. He was a senior lecturer at Hong Kong Art School, part-time lecturer at the University of Hong Kong’s HKU SPACE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Continuing Studies, and Hong Kong Baptist University. He is currently Head of the Art Panel in Fine Art at Wa Ying College. Chan is active in various local art and academic scenes. Aside from being a Hong Kong Economic Journal columnist, he is also speaker at major art events including previously at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum “Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place” exhibition’s “Energising Impressionism – Master of Light and Shadow” Talk Series in 2016, the exhibition “PICASSO – Masterpieces from Musée National Picasso, Paris” in 2012 and “Andy Warhol – 15 Minutes Eternal’ at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2013.
Artwork Statement
Existentialism states that man is “being thrown” into the world without consent and is confused by the everyday absurdness of the clockwork civilisation, swinging between boredom and a sense of nothingness. Individuals are like dispensable screws without any dignity. Great existentialists however advocate that “existence precedes essence” claiming that people start every day as a clean slate and they determine their future with the ability to overcome hurdles and their own demons. Like Friedrich Nietzsche’s idea of “the overman”, who rises to the pinnacle of humanity and embraces the glorious vista of victory celebration.