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Chan, Sim

SimSky no.12
Oil on Lycra with handmade wooden frame
43.5 x 84.9cm

SimSky no.19
Oil on Lycra with handmade wooden frame
78.8 x 100.7cm
Sim Chan graduated from Hong Kong Art School with a concentration in painting. His primary subjects revolve around urban architecture and his works serve as a record of his own observation and memories of and feelings towards city life. His unique visual vocabulary takes root in his pursuit and exploration in between dreams and the reality by examining the impact of urban development on living models and how it transforms the nature. Chan set up his workshop in Fotan in 2007 and took part in artist-in-residence programmes in Beijing in 2009. He participated activly in various art shows across the globe with many of his works being showcased in Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Thailand, Korea, London, Venice, Zurich and Melbourne.
Artwork Statement
People have always attempted to apply mathematical logic to everything, calculating, measuring and naming material and immaterial substances by the units. People tend to create limits within the infinite while pursuing the infinite within the confines of the limits. Units have come to represent the tangible as all things become intangible.
When/if the Chinese character “空” [Kōng] is a unit, what does it quantify?
“空”could be sky;
“空”could be air;
“空”could be space;
“空”could be freedom;
“空”could be dreams;
“空”could be symptoms;
“空”could be nothing at all……
The sky has no limits whereas city life is confined by units upon units of buildings, some of which are pointing poetically at the sky presenting a gap between dreams and realities. People have since the dawn of human civilisation been building homes and cities. Today, modern cities inflate and take control of people and eat away the nature. Cities may be symbols of advancements. They are, at the same time, silent life-threatening viruses and a slow spread of terminal disease to the nature. When life becomes conscious fences and customary standards, what is life but a careful calculation.