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Chan, Sui Ying Zaffer

Floating Between the Lilly
Ink and colour on paper (Original)
70 x 160cm (Original)
Zaffer Chan graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chan captures the delicate, fleeting emotions and surreal visions in the four seasons, and translates such emotions and seasonal transformation into intrinsic relationships. Riding on imagination, she delineates ambiguous emotional and spiritual contexts and depicts the interrelationship of people and the nature as ink landscapes.
Chan received various awards during her studies. These have included a Hong Kong Chinese Meticulous Painting Association Creative Award in 2012, Wucius Wong Modern Ink Painting Award in 2013 and Grotto Fine Art Award in 2014. She has held local and overseas solo exhibitions and participated in joint exhibitions. Many of her works are collected by private collectors.
Artwork Statement
Floating between the Lilly was inspired by a festival ceremony in Kyoto, Japan. A piece of long silky fabric, which represents love and time, follows the flow of the Kamo River amid a stream of black lilies which in turn symbolise love’s obsession.