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Cheng, Ting Ting

Scenic Design: Scooter Racing
Oil on canvas
80 x 150cm (2pcs)
Cheng Ting Ting graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University with a concentration in painting. She now has a workshop in Fotan. Cheng has exhibited widely. Her graduation work “Wednesday’s Station” was awarded by the Academy of Visual Arts and Red Elation Gallery. Some of her subsequent works were featured in the “BOING! Pop-up Market” at Osage Gallery Kwun Tong, “Open Close Quotation” – a solo exhibition of Cheng Ting Ting, and “Imagine There’s Country, Above Us only Our Cities” presented by Para Site in a group show.
The “irrelevance” of life seems to be the origin and inspiration of Cheng Ting Ting‘s creations. Flash actions may be seen as insignificant but are intrinsically linked to our lives – the more intimate they get, the less expressible they are. Therefore, Cheng loves to put together her drifting experiences into still paintings – not only does she rebuild her personal memories, but she also invites her audience to rekindle neglected personal feelings.
Artwork Statement
In reality, people always go mindless through repetition of actions. And video games happen to provide countless rounds of virtual experiences, accommodating each loose soul. Therefore, this work represents the blankness of our lives by representing a game scene.