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Cheong, Chi Ping Ban

Recollection of Time Series –
Counterattack of The Clothes Hangers,
Stainless Steel Hanger
150 x 150 x 80cm
Famous Hong Kong sculptor Ban Cheong has worked in photography and art direction. He graduated from the First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong and Seattle Culinary Arts and Design School. He has participated in the Artist-in-Residence Programme in Taiwan, which included residences in the Kaohsiung City Museum of Art and the Chiayi Railway Art Village. Subsequently, he joined the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. His works were featured in various local and overseas exhibitions. He was awarded Bronze Award of “Starlight Hong Kong” for the first Hong Kong Contemporary Art Selection in 2010. His works were included in the “1st Annual Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition” and “Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial”. Cheong seeks inspirations from social and economic issues. His art work, “Recollection of Time Series – Counterattack of The Clothes Hangers, Dress”, is made of stainless steel, a familiar material for Cheong as he explores the relationship between material, space, art and industry.
Artwork Statement
Dress – Magnificent Lady
From the heart of a mine underground,
The cinders of a star a billion years old are dug out;
That solidified body as clear as a diamond
Is the world’s most sacred emotion
That is then using the flames of all the love that I have in this life
And forged ceaselessly day and night.
This wish that is as resolute as pure metal
Is simply to dedicate to you an attire of magnificence
To protect your body that is as graceful as an angel’s.
In spring you twirl and a million flowers bloom on your bright dancing dress,
On summer nights you sparkle with the light of a million stars of the Milky Way,
In deep autumn your dance uplifts the smiling red maple leaves,
In frosty winter the warmth of your dress lives the heart of a wanderer.
Finally one day you have become a posh lady of this world,
When all your material desires are satisfied,
In the cold winds of Christmas eve,
You have forgotten that you are by my side.
And in the bustling city,
In front of world famous luxury brand stores,
Following the extravagance of the shopping crowds,
Lining up.