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Cheung, Alan

Scent and Taste of Hong Kong
Archival print
(a set of 4 pieces)
25 x 52 cm
Alan Cheung has been working in the advertising industry for 20 years and is now an independent creative worker, caricature illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer. He is also a guest lecturer at the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Design Institute and the Faculty of Professional Education and Continuing Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Cheung is fond of outdoor sketching and feels that sketching can evoke his hidden "soul of art." In addition to art, he also likes collecting toys, playing Hawaiian guitars and singing.
Artwork Statement
A series of life sketches on the fading and nostalgic tastes of Hong Kong. They are street food and stalls from high to low prices, every unforgettable scent and taste of old Hong Kong, which bring back every old Hong Kong people’s beautiful memories of taste.