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Cheung, Kai Sun Suzy

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Born in Hong Kong, Suzy Cheung received her training in visual design in the USA and Canada. Since returning to Hong Kong in 1984, she has worked as an art director for feature films, stage productions and TV commercials. She began working with ceramics in 1990, and has in recent years focused on creating with clay. In 2003, she graduated and obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2006 with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Her works draw upon her perceptions of nature, and are extensions of her personal experiences. They are journeys of self-discovery that explore the various possibilities that can arise from different attitudes and choices in life.
Artwork Statement
The impact of Global-warming is rapidly becoming a critical issue due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases caused by human beings and human activities.
Seeds contain/nurture life, however, without proper growth conditions, they will never have a chance to flourish. This series of work aims to call out for our environmental concerns and consideration for nature, saving our planet earth before the global environmental damage becomes a reality.