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Chiu, Tsang Yi Sarah

Four Summer Insects
Seal engraving
Size variable
Sarah Chiu graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University with an Asia One Award for Chinese Arts (Honorable Mention). Currently an art educator, Chiu wields her carving knife and blends traditional Chinese seal-carving with contemporary art.
Artwork Statement
“Inspired by Lu Xun’s (1881-1936) prose Three Summer Insects, my artwork takes a critical view of different types of people and attitudes towards life. Lu Xun portrays fleas, mosquitoes and flies respectively as personifications of real villains, hypocrites and initiators of evil – those who reveal their self-seeking and profit-making nature. Albeit Lu Xun’s utterly negative perception on the ugly and evil reality of the world around us, I created ‘the fourth insect’ – the contrastingly positive image of ants as the allegory of common people who work hard, pursue dreams and insist on contributing to the society even in adverse situations.”
“Rendered in four big seals that comprise three lengthy original texts from Lu Xun’s literary work on Three Summer Insects and one self-composed paragraph on ‘the fourth insect’, my seal engraving attempts to portray various attitude towards life. The ambitiously big and compelling seal compositions with densely interwoven archaic Chinese characters in seal script tellingly reflect my unique interpretation of the strong sense of complexity in the dilemma between reality and ideal concerning the pursuit of human relation and people’s attitude toward survival, fame and wealth. Additionally, the pictorial seals in this series further establish the delicacy of the human feelings in complex social lives.”