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Dirty Paper

Johnny’s Stationary
Drawing (Archival print)
42 x 58cm
2014 – 2015
Dirty Paper was formed by Chan Wai Lap and Yau Kwok Keung in 2010. Chan graduated from University of Birmingham in the UK in 2011. Yau graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design in 2012. Both of them majored in visual communication design. Dirty Paper’s works are mainly in the form of paintings and are about their memories, experiences, the surroundings and images from their own recollection. Dirty Paper has participated in various exhibitions at galleries and joint exhibitions including “Everything’s Alright” ( K11 Art Foundation & chi K11 art space, 2016), “Young Talent Hong Kong” (Affordable Art Fair, 2015”, “Foo Tak Building Open Day” (2014) and “Yesterday’s” (Osage Gallery, 2013).
Artwork Statement
A set of 4:
I am sorry
Love you forever
Shoot you down
Please don’t be shy