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Erdmann, Cornelia

City Pattern
Acrylic glass
Size variable
Born in Germany, Erdmann majored in public art multimedia installation and has been based in Hong Kong since 2006. Her artworks have been exhibited across world venues including the 2013 Lux lighting Festival Wellington New Zealand, the Vivid Sydney Light Festival in Australia in 2011 and Setouchi International Art Festival 2010 in Japan. Erdmann’s works are also frequently displayed locally in Hong Kong in venues such as the Legislative Council Complex, The Peninsula Hong Kong, Eaton Hong Kong and Times Square. She is a part-time instructor of the public art and light and shadow art courses in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. “Light” guides the way forward and is multimedia artist Cornelia Erdmann’s main creative medium. She often uses it in a mix with other materials and technologies in order to create art installations which interact with the audience. Erdmann is also interested in the plasticity of public spaces. She seeks to explore the possibility of reshaping the urban spaces by understanding local societies, histories and cultures. Her art works are primarily site-specific pieces which are related predominantly to the locality.
Artwork Statement
“City Patterns” are cut from neon-coloured acrylic glass. The transparency of the material produces projections of the patterns created by natural light or spot lights that overlap with the cut out patterns. Both patterns overlap and densify the architecture – mesmerizing the viewer about which of the patterns is more real – the tangible or the intangible City Pattern?