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Fung, Hoi-shan

Wandering around the Gardens II
Ink and Colour on Silk
58 x 45.5cm
Fung Hoi Shan was born in Hong Kong in 1993. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Fine Arts in 2016. She was an exchange student at Beijing Art Academy in 2015. Fung is proficient in Chinese painting and is particularly experienced in using Gongbi to illustrate melancholy atmosphere. She also uses layers of gold and silver to create interactions between reality and fantasy. Her artworks express her purest emotions through the twisting of hair which examines the emotional links between people. Fung received various awards during university including a “Ting Yen Yung Creative Award and Grotto Fine Art Award”. Her work “Eudaemonia” was showcased in Hong Kong at gallery Grotto Fine Art and Art Basel – Hong Kong in 2017.
Artwork Statement
The painting is about the white ducks I saw in a park when I was studying in Beijing with reference to Japanese painting techniques with which the water flow is in blue and golden lines to contrast with the white of the ducks.