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HO, Tze Chun Billy

Dust and Fragments
Gouache on paper
80 x 80 cm
Budding Hong Kong painter Billy Ho graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016. Ho is proficient in painting, working with a variety of media including watercolour painting, oil painting and Chinese gongbi (fine-line) painting. His works are inspired by the lights and colours in his daily surroundings and are primarily grounded in realism with compositions and ambiences mirroring his experiences and understandings. Through detailed observation and depiction, he inspires new perceptions of and deeper reflection on people and daily objects. 
Artwork Statement
The sharp smell of lilies is such a memorable sensation that tickles my imagination all the time. I tried to interpret this fantasy with symbols, shapes and colors.
For “Dust”, I depicted the scent of lilies as a huge bunch of white particles. The foggy background visualizes the sense of smell of the aromatic lilies. The orange fog and blue lilies complement to each other that create a harmonic picture with a subtle movement.
The inspiration for “Fragment” is coming from the word “blooming”. The scent of lilies pops out like cracker’s ribbon towards the sky that gives a fresh and vibrant touch to the artwork.