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Ho, Kwun-ting

Cassette VI – Find the Red
Mild steel , stainless steel,
50 x 50 x 20cm
Ho Kwun Ting was born in Hong Kong in 1988. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts in 2013. He is currently working in the education sector while continuing his work as a sculptor. Ho has taken to metal as the medium for his creations, using lines to shape daily living and his memories. He uses Gongbei techniques for his sculptures, transforming simple lines into 3D objects. Through creating romanticised objects in three-dimensions, he is able to recall fantasies and beliefs from his childhood. Ho’s artworks have been showcased in various art shows across Asia as well as in local galleries and private galleries in mainland China. His artworks received various art and design awards including a “Y.S. Mok 3-Dimension Creative Award” and “Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award” from an Exhibition held at The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Art and the “Sustainable Design Award” from Schumacher College in the UK. He was also shortlisted for an award in the “China East Lake Youth Sculptors Invitational Exhibition”.
Artwork Statement
“Cassette 5 – Find the Red” was inspired by an old recording on a cassette tape when I was little, repeating the chorus “Feel like empty today” from the song “Memory is the Red of the Sky” without a care in the world. My piece is a media which revives my memory and attempts to give some thoughts and significance to the relationship between “Memory”, “Emptiness” and “Colour”.