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Kong, Hoi Kan Thomas

Senate Monk
Seal engraving
Size variable
Kong Hoi Kan graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kong studied crafts and craftsmanship during his early school years and engaged in art administration after graduation. He devotes his leisure time to creative works on seal carving. Having found his feet in the craft and flea markets, Kong moved on to establish his own seal-carving brand “saleforhonor”. Kong bases his creative concepts on traditional Chinese handicrafts, injects new ideas in the traditional art from and sometimes revolutionise it.
Artwork Statement
《Senate Monk》 Chinese Seal, A series of 6, 2*2 cm each
This series of six Chinese seals, each containing half of a four-character Chinese idiom, represents the irreversibility of transformation and the foundation of Buddhism: the law of cause and effect.