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KWAN, Yung Yee

Archival print on xuan paper
(a set of 6 pieces)
100 x 70 cm
Kwan Yung Yee obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in organisational communications and a minor in visual arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013, and subsequently a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong the following year. Kwan relates the most intimate and entangled stories through her surrealistic depiction of twisted sub consciousness in a plethora of shapes, lines and dusky colours which also reveal intertwined shadows as they distort in between fiction and reality.
Artwork Statement
By reinventing the dreamlike poetic imagery in my memory, I use painting to record one of the most important journey in life. In the creation, the expression of scatter perspective is introduced, expressing the abstract emotions, and conveys the ideas, feelings and poetic imagination between life and faith.