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Lai, Wai Lam Eric

Ink and colour on paper
177.5 x 96cm
Eric Lai was born in Hong Kong in the 90s. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009, and is currently a research student at the faculty. Lai has focused on ink painting since his college days. His works are related to easily overlooked objects such as plants, autumn leaves and railings in the city. Lai tries to reorganise these humble objects into something stylish. Through his artworks, he aims to facilitate viewers to look at ordinary cityscapes from a new perspective. Lai has held a number of local exhibitions including his solo exhibition “Buliao Niaozhi” at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2017), joint exhibition “Fine Arts Asia” (2017, 2016) and “Culture & Art Fun Feast in Towns and Hakka Villages” at Tsuen Wan Park (2012).
Artwork Statement
The artwork depicts a small flock of sparrows, camouflaged and lying in an imaginary smoky space, seemingly confused. They are looking around for a way out. A vent-hole is shown in the upper part of the picture where the outside can be seen but, like the sparrows, it is camouflaged. Figuratively speaking, the sparrows are like people in society who are confused and are searching for the light and a way out. However, the situation in the outside world may be the same whether they find an exit.