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Larsson, Shann

Blue & White Zodiac Series:
(Year of the Ox), (Year of the Dragon), (Year of the Monkey), (Year of the Rat), (Year of the Pig), (Year of the Dog)
40 x 58 cm (each)
Shann Larsson is a multimedia artist, designer and illustrator in Hong Kong. Larsson graduated from Savannah University of Art and Design, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design. Larsson was born in Germany and raised in Sweden and Indonesia. She has taken root in Hong Kong since 1998.
Larsson has won many international awards, including the “Applied Art Award”, the “HOW International Design Achievement Award”, and the “Red Dot Communication Design Award”. Her works have been published and exhibited both locally and abroad, including Hong Kong, Germany and the United State.
Artwork Statement
These artworks come from a series of hand-painted and digitally refined illustrations, depicting the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac system. Originally designed for a deck of cards (Legends Porcelain Chinese Zodiac Edition), their form and coloration arise from several sources of inspiration. With their sophisticated forms and blue-white coloration, the graphics draw inspiration from traditional Chinese ceramics. As motifs, the signs of the zodiac also originate from China. The decorative, abstract patterns of the work also nod to modern Scandinavian design. In combining the two different styles, the illustrations suggest a fusion of East and West, much like their city of origin–Hong Kong.