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Lee, Cheuk Wun Sharon

Float to The Peach Blossom Spring
Ink and colour on silk
91 x 91cm
Recipient of the Peter Curzon Oram Charitable Trust Scholarship in 2015 and the Mr. Kevin Chan Scholarship for the Department of Fine Arts in 2016 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sharon Lee completed her bachelor study in art at the university the same year and furthered her art training in Taiwan, the US, and took part in an arts exchange programme at the University of Vienna. With a focus on ceramics and Chinese painting, Lee actively explores various other media so as to enrich her artistic endeavour.
Artwork Statement
It is about those who risk their life to look for the perfect land. It is about the Utopia – the perfect land that is nowhere.
The two paintings are presented as an installation which expands into a landscape scroll spanning a space which leads the Utopia seekers to walk from one end of the painting.