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Lee, Shuk Man

Water colour paper, paper packing, vermilion colour, cotton and acrylic knits
50 x 140cm
a set of 2 pieces
Jay Lee was born in Guangdong in 1988, brought up in Hong Kong and is currently living in Macau. Lee obtained her Master’s Degree in Studio Arts & Extended Media from The Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University where she also obtained a Visual Arts Award. Lee prefers installations and videos as the media for her art creations. She enjoys the process of searching for the right format for her art and using the right materials for a context so as to gain delicate insights into her subjects.
Artwork Statement
Starting with a drawing paper, I used sewing to leave traces in order to build a terrific picture. All the possible ideas were put into expanding the territory. I enjoy the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. It is an endless project for my insatiable desires.