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Leung, Chi Kwan

Ink on paper (Archival print)
140 x 70cm
a set of 2 pieces
Leung Chi-kwan graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in crafts and design. Currently a designer, Leung explores the expressive ties between visual and text contents. Most of her works are presented in Chinese media and they focus on her feelings towards her surroundings and social issues. She looks to break away from traditional bondages and explore new possibilities of contemporary Chinese art.
Artwork Statement
Ancient Chinese invented characters to record and convey messages. By contrast, present-day Chinese characters are often relegated to become the by-product of the convenience of communication. In view of the phenomenon that people have been arbitrarily changing the appearance of Chinese characters with the utilization of simplified Chinese characters and Internet buzzwords, my work “Progression” is to question whether the latest development of Chinese characters is a progression or a regression. 
Executed in Oracle Bone Script, Seal Script and Clerical Script, this series examines the evolution of scripts by exploring into the essence of traditional calligraphy from the pictographic elements in the earlier scripts to the expressive touches of the brush in later scripts. With the awkward inclusion of the simplified and deconstructed Chinese characters, the work rethinks on the meanings and value of present-day Chinese characters.