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Leung, Lai Man Jess

Overloading II
Ink and colour on Chinese paper
95 x 105cm
Jess Leung graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University with first class honours in 2015. Proficient in Gongbi paintings, Leung enjoys creating representations of daily life, in particular using her artistic techniques to depict tranquillity and hectic city life with an aim to provide contrasting images that trigger experiences and emotions in the viewers. Leung’s artworks were showcased in “Ink Global 2017”, “Ink Asia 2015”, “Hi Houses” Art Programme presented by Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum at The University of Hong Kong – University Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong Art Center and Asia World Expo.
Artwork Statement
The exteriors of the majority of Hong Kong’s public housing estates are decorated with clothes drying racks of different sizes with personal garments dancing to the rhythm of the winds to create a spectacular phenomenon. I wonder: those intimate items – trousers and shirts and undergarment galore being showcased in this public space nevertheless reveal their owners’ personalities as well as secrets. Hong Kong is such a small place. The city’s residents can only afford a home. My painting is intended to delineate the overloaded space and reveal the suffocating living conditions. With the particular delineation of personal items, I wish to produce an image not only of the exterior of the city but also the inner and more personal stories of every household.