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Ling, Pui Sze

Reproducibility 5
Mixed media on canvas
120 x 120cm
Young local artist Ling Pui Sze graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her works appear in various local galleries including Gallery Exit which hosted her exhibition “It All Begins In the Sea” in 2014. Ling was presented a Wucius Wong Creative Ink Painting Award in 2012. Ling is proficient in ink painting – the medium for “Reproducibility 5” which includes the elements of life – cells, water and air as the key subjects in a mix to represent the formation of life. As images split, they also give birth. This is the course of natural life which is similar to the creative process of a collage with the canvas as the backdrop for the decomposition and fusion of various elements. Thousands of scraps of paper form a complete picture. The elements of life decompose and come together to construct another world, underscoring life’s endlessness and eternity.
Artwork Statement
Endings and beginnings always happen at the same time. Cells, water, air and earth are important elements for life. They dissolve after life comes to an end, while new life is formed by the dissolved elements.