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Low, Shuk Kwan

56 x 76cm
Watercolour, gesso on paper
Low Shuk Kwan obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in Culture Studies, with a minor in Visual Arts. She followed this up with a Master’s Degree in Visual Art from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. Low was presented “The Outstanding Arts Teacher Award” from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2016. Over the years, she had participated in various exhibitions including “New Year’s Eve for The Year of Goat Exhibition” (2014) at Nanfung International Convention and Exhibition Center and “Group Exhibitions(2012) of Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival (2012). Her artworks were included in the “Emerging Creativity in Asia Vol 4, APPortfolio” in 2014.
Artwork Statement
A tree set in concrete complements the city and yet does not fit in well, much alike my own contradictions and embarrassments. The majority of my works speaks this same language.