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Messy Desk

Stairs and the City
Digital illustration
420 x 101cm
a set of 4 pieces
Messy Desk is an emerging Hong Kong illustrator who is also a member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators and the Japanese Illustrators Association. Her creations are inspired by the cityscape of Hong Kong and the densely populated high rises which create a unique skyline and provides the context for her illustrator’s pen. Messy Desk was invited by French Publisher Na Edition to attend the world’s second largest global comic festival in Angoulême and won the Emerging Comics Award. Honoured by the French Magazine Get Freaky, she has held a number of exhibitions in France, the US, UK, Germany and Switzerland. In August 2015, she was invited by Urban Forms to visit Poland for an artwork project on a building façade. She became 1st runner up in the 4th Greater China Illustration Award and received the “Winning Work Prize” at the JIA Illustration Award. Over the years, she has collaborated with a number of well-known organisations including Air France, Starbucks, IBM and RTHK.
Artwork Statement
Stairs and the City was inspired by the film Inception and it combines the architectural patterns generated by Hong Kong’s Buildings interlinked by stairs.