12 Zodiac
Paper sculpture
Size variable
a set of 12 pieces
Stickyline was formed by Mic Leong and Soilworm Lai in 2011. Their creations weave between deconstruction and reconstruction and are expressed in graphic and three-dimensional pieces essentially created by folding and stacking eco-friendly paper, practical utensils and everyday products.
Lai graduated from the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a major in product design. After graduation, Lai worked in package and product design and undertook research focusing on the engineering and development of paper design and its structure. Leong also graduated from the same institution and had worked in toy design in Mainland China and Hong Kong after graduation.

Stickyline’s collaboration crosses various sectors and includes installation art, stage design, window design, lightings and fashion apparels. Stickyline visited Germany to participate in the Designers Exchange Programme jointly organised by the Ambassadors of Designs in 2013 and the International Design Festival Berlin in 2013. They also participated in Hong Kong’s Constant Change exhibition presented by Hong Kong Design Centre in the Milan Design Week in 2014. Stickyline has also collaborated with RTHK, Lane Crawford, MTR, K11 and PMQ. Their artworks were showcased in Detour (2013, 2016) and Clockenflap (2013).
Artwork Statement
Everybody knows the Chinese zodiac and the 12 animals each representing a character and corresponding to another to form a balance. For example, the rat represents wisdom while the ox represents diligence. The two must be integrated. Intelligence alone means cunningness while diligence alone can mean ignorance.
In addition to using the usual geometric design language to sculpt the zodiac beasts in geometric shapes, the artworks are also be designed and laid out in the above suggested combination to underscore ancient wisdom.