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Tsang, Miu

Foraging series – Land
Porcelian, stoneware
Size variable
Miu Tsang is a Hong Kong artist graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology specialized in ceramics, he also studied sculpture and photography in his early years. His mixed media works were exhibited both locally and aboard. Tsang’s works explores the interrelationship of our diet and the planet earth, human basic instinct for survival versus craving for gourmet food and most importantly our role in the biodiversity for the animal world.
Artwork Statement
People became obsessed with food and reached a level of madness. This has led to serious and indiscriminate hunting of creatures in the sea, land and air. Moreover, human are not limited to food and clothing, but can also lead to their desires towards the extinction of living things. Let's reflect the relationship between humans and living things in the world reliance.