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WONG, Hiu Fung

The love you gave was once like blooming flowers
60 x 85 cm
Wong Hiu Fung graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University and loves to paint. After graduation, she held a solo exhibition and participated in various art exhibitions and art fairs in Hong Kong. Her works were exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Belgium, United Kingdom and Singapore. Wong won The Derwent Art Prize Young Artist Award in 2016 and her paintings were exhibited at the London Mall Galleries. In 2011, she was also awarded with the Clifton Art Prize (Hong Kong) and her award-winning works were collected by Clifton.
Artwork Statement
Love of soulmate, friend, family, love for something or somewhere - no matter which kind of love, it is always gentle and warm.
The work depicts the state surrounded by love, like surrounded by blooming flowers.