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Wong, Shuk Yee Monita

HK, the mini-talk
Water colour and
mixed media on paper
20 x 28.5 x 50cm
Monita Wong graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design and has worked in advertising and art direction. She believes that life should not be dominated by work, and hopes to create meanings to enrich her life. Wong founded her own brand “popomomojojo” on the principal motif of family. She pursues her artistic endeavour with the belief that “Happiness is to stay close to those you love”. Wong is proficient in miniature watercolour painting with daily life being her favourite subject which comes often as childhood memories of, for instance, local delicacies such as congee, Chinese oil stick and Chinese pudding (Put chai ko). Wong’s observant disposition becomes visual as she reveals her sincere passion for life in Hong Kong.
Artwork Statement
We love to reminisce about the past as we grow up.
Steamed Red Bean Pudding in Bowl, Plain Congee and Deep-fried Chinese Donut, Belly Button Biscuits, Parasitic Loranthus and Lotus Seed Egg Tea, Marbles, and “Chicken-eating-rice” Old-time Tin Toy…
As time goes by, these “knick knacks” and snacks that represent our sweet childhood become timeless treasures in our memory.
Mini sketches tell big stories of Hong Kong with undulating emotions and feelings.
Let’s open your senses! Take a look, close your eyes and indulge yourself in the taste of the living past.