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Wong, Chun Hei Stephen

Ha Pak Nai
Oil on canvas
90 x 120cm
Stephen Wong gradauted from the Department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and established his workshop “Someone in this Studio” in Fotan. Early in his career, Wong’s paintings focused primarily on scenes from video games and emphasised the visual impact of virtual images. Nowadays, he contributes his creativity to a shift in his artistic focus onto outdoor sketching and painting of the Hong Kong countryside sceneries with a view to interpret the tension between man and the nature in their coexistence. Wong’s previous local solo exhibitions included “Daydream Travelogue” at Gallery Exit and “Passenger” at The Fringe Club. He also participated in group shows such as “Paperscape” presented by Karin Weber Gallery.
Artwork Statement
This is a landscape painting of Ha Pak Nai which is known for its beautify sunset. A haystack in the foreground contrasts with the small reddish sun, creating a calm ambience at that very moment.