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Yeung, Mau Lam Zenith

Free and Lost – This is not art. It’s just a decoration or visual image.
Oil on canvas
120 x 140cm
Zenith Yeung graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. He currently works as a full time designer. Yeung is fascinated with art and design and is often inspired by daily experiences, dreams and the nature. He favours oil paints and acrylics, but he also enjoys graphic design and photography.
Artwork Statement
The concept comes from the experience of people going to exhibition. We always can see the general public discussing what art is in the event. Most of them think that painting must be art. Painting and drawing are equal to art. They think that the works displayed at the gallery or in exhibition must be art too. So how about other types of art, such as installation, video, photography? They always challenge them.
What is the meaning of art to them? Maybe it is just the decoration or the image. Then, I create my work by using a landscape painting. The painting stays in the state of a decoration or visual with poor content or meaning. And tell that it is not art while the painting displaying in art space. I want to create questions and contradiction to people. Let them think more about the artwork and the space, and the relationship between the artwork and the people.