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Yu, Chun Kit Juni

Every Breath I Take
Hot blown glass
Size variable
Juni Yu graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University’s Academy of Visual Arts in 2016 and subsequently set up his own glass blowing workshop “Toxic Room” to create his own glass accessories which are also available for sale. He also works freelance in art-related areas. He is currently a secondary teacher in visual arts, painting instructor and travel photographer.
Yu’s works were exhibited in the 2013-2014 HKBU Visual Arts Student Society Annual Exhibition and the university’s No wonder wandering – 2014 Student Glass Art Exhibition. He also participated in the “2014 International Hsinchu Glass Festival” in Taiwan. Some of his works are collected by private collectors.
Artwork Statement
In winter 2014, pneumonia led me to embrace the existence and significance of every breath I take. By concentrating on my breathing, I was able to inject feelings into my glass works. I created a series of hanging installations as testimony of the uniqueness every breath I take and the aesthetics and meanings in glass art.