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Chan, Emma
(8 Female Dimensions)

Size variable
Emma Chan studied ceramic art in Canada. Her workshop studio is now located in Sheung Wan. Her works have been exhibited in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and South Korea and some of her artworks are collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Museum of Art. In “8 Female Dimensions – Awaiting…”, Chan refers to her own plants. She believes that observing plants over the changing seasons is the best way to make sense of life’s cycle and that this helps people to cherish all the things in the natural world.
Artwork Statement
I have many potted plants, once spring arrives, even though I may have forgot to fertilize them, as long as the spring breeze flows and with a good swirl of fog, flower buds will emerge. I think nature is very kind to us and we should really cherish everything it gives to us.