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Cheng, Hung

Oil on canvas
50 x 60cm
Born in Hong Kong in 1993, Dony Cheng graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in Fine Arts in 2017. Cheng loves graphic design and enjoys exploring other media, transforming her own thoughts and emotions on the city into the tranquillity of images. Over the years, Cheng has participated in a number of local exhibitions including “Fresh Trend 2017” at chi K11 art space, “Soda Water 2” and “99lism” at The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Hui Gallery. Cheng was a 2017 recipient of the “Grotto Fine Art’s Creative Award” from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Artwork Statement
Light projection, fragments of city images and life’s quiet rhythm fascinate me and open up a non-existing dimension with the unfamiliarity that is an intriguingly welcoming.