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Cheong, Chi Ping Ban

Recollection of Time Series –
Counterattack of The Clothes Hangers,
III Oxhead The Soul of Animals
Stain Steel
140 x 180 x 120cm
Famous Hong Kong sculptor Ban Cheong has worked in photography and art direction. He graduated from the First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong and Seattle Culinary Arts and Design School. He has participated in the Artist-in-Residence Programme in Taiwan, which included residences in the Kaohsiung City Museum of Art and the Chiayi Railway Art Village. Subsequently, he joined the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. His works were featured in various local and overseas exhibitions. He was awarded Bronze Award of “Starlight Hong Kong” for the first Hong Kong Contemporary Art Selection in 2010. His works were included in the “1st Annual Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition” and “Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial”. Cheong seeks inspirations from social and economic issues. His art work — “Recollection of Time Series – Counterattack of The Clothes Hangers, III Oxhead The Soul of Animals”, is made of stainless steel, a familiar material for Cheong as he explores the relationship between material, space, art and industry.
Artwork Statement
Hong Kong’s early industrial zone, supporting the prosperity and development of society. But with the development of the cultural industry in Hong Kong, some industrial areas are now transformed into a place for creative arts. Living in this historical transformation, one can feel the change in urban ecology, like caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. The development of industry in the past as the mother, gave birth to today’s prosperity. Hong Kong as a well-dressed city, “hanger” is one of the long-term contributor to fashion. Through art I extend the material life of the hanger and re-shaping its value.