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Cheuk, Ka Wai

Just for the Moment
Ink and colour on paper
116.5 x 45cm
Cherrie Cheuk’s works have been featured in various ink painting exhibitions and large-scale art fairs including “Ink Asia” (2015 & 2016), “Fine Art Asia” (2011, 2014 and 2016), “A legacy of ink: Lui Shou-kwan 40 Years On, An Exhibition of Lui Shou-kwan, His Students and A New Generation of Artists” in 2015, “New Ink – An Exhibition of Ink Art by Post 1970 Artists from the Yiqingzhai Collection” in 2013 and the “Hong Kong Chinese Meticulous Painiting Assoication Joint Exhibition” in 2013. Cheuk has been presented the Professor Johnson Chow Su Sing Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Award, the Hong Kong Chinese Meticulous Painting Assocation Creative Award and Madam Jan Yun-bor Memorial Award for Chinese Painting & Calligraphy.
Cheuk graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree with First Class Honours and in 2016 a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (majoring in Chinese fine-line painting).
Artwork Statement
Inspired by Xu Zhimo’s poem “By Chance”, especially the second verse: “You go your way, and I’ll go mine. Remember if you will, better yet if you forget, the bright light we have exchanged in our encounter.” People meet each other by chance in their own separate ways. And when they do meet, they shine for each other like a comet brightening up the evening sky. This is what makes those encounters precious.