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Kong, Wing

Above the Lion Rock
Self made pigments,
Beeswax & Oil on canvas
160 x 70cm (3 pcs)
Kong Wing shares a workshop in Fotan with his partners for artistic cultivation. His major art medium is painting and his works revolve mainly around his thoughts on various aspects of daily life and the lifestyle of local people and ordinary daily objects. “Above the Lion Rock” was created in 2012, it depicts an image of the daily life and work of the public against a backdrop of the Lion Rock’s tip. The pigment used in the work was made by himself using local materials, Kong aims to infuse his works with the spirit of local culture by making his own pigment.
Artwork Statement
“Above the Lion Rock” is a triptych painting combining illustrations of people’s daily work and lives and the view of Lion Rock summit. The paint used was a mixture of fallen leaves collected on Lion Rock and locally-produced beeswax, with a goal to highlight local culture and spirit by the use of local materials and the process of paint making, in addition to the painting itself.