Lei, Rose
(8 Female Dimensions)

Fantasy Garden – Life Series
Porcelain, Gold Foil, Wool, Coloured Lichen
Size variable

“8 Female Dimensions – Fantasy Garden – Life Series” artist Rose Lei has a Certificate in Design, a Diploma in Graphic Design and a Higher Certificate in Ceramics from Hong Kong Polytechnic (currently The Hong Kong Polytechnic University). She has participated in a number of local and overseas exhibitions and has been to Japan for ceramic art exchange activities. Her works are collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collectors. She is currently a graphic designer.
Artwork Statement
Food, Seeds, Fruits, Food • Inquisition
I appreciate gourmet food and while enjoying my food I would think about how they originally look like. Remember one time while I am having a passion fruit from my friend, I thought why not save some seeds and try plant the fruit. To my surprise, those seeds germinated into saplings and later grew into these climbing plants with beautiful blossoms. Those gorgeous flowers grew into fruits and ended up in my stomach again, and of course I saved some seeds for planting again. Aside from passionate fruit, I also tried grow Roselle, Okra, bitter melon and peas, all from seeds of the fruit.