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Leung, Koon Ming Jakie

Childhood Memories
180cm (Diameter) x 450cm
Jakie Leung is a well-known, prolific ceramic artist. He was chairman of the Hong Kong Contemporary Ceramic Association from 2003 to 2005 and has held exhibitions in Taiwan, South Korea and Shanghai. Leung completed his Undergraduate and Masters in ceramics programmes in the UK and has been teaching ceramics in the Hong Kong Arts Centre for more than 20 years. He has recently devoted time to ceramic art teaching and he serves as a lecturer in ceramics at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.
Leung has always been sentimentally attached to insects since his childhood experiences were closely associated with the nature in his neighbourhood. Urban development has diminished the ecosystem and impacted the vitality of insect species. Leung replicates the body shapes of different insects onto white porcelain boards and hangs thin white tiles from the ceiling to represent the flurry of flying insects. The images and the actual spaces overlap under the lighting effect to create different senses of light and transparency which helps people to rediscover the traces of insects in the city.
Artwork Statement
Childhood stories
Adjacent to the flood embankment in Yuen Long, the home built by my parents was my happy land. Because of the closeness to the fields, different types of insects were always found in our home, they have diverse forms. Some of them seemed staring at me, some of them were flying joyfully, some of them were even being provocative… Such moments were disturbing but fun nonetheless. Time flies. No more green surrounds us but skyscrapers. City development has destroyed the nature with no turning back. We can only refer to pictures, media and books for the remembrance of the insects. This exhibition is an ongoing project, fine white ceramic slices are hung from the ceiling, like the collective insect dancing. The contour of the insects are reimagined by paper cutting technique, pressing on the fine white ceramic slices to create juxtaposition of virtual space and images. With extra lighting effect, it projects different levels of transparency.