Lui, Pui Sze
(8 Female Dimensions)

Ceramics, Mix Media
Size variable
Lui Pui Sze graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Department of Fine Art. Currently, she works as Visual Art Subject Panel in a primary school. She works with ceramics for over 10 years, dividing her time between studio practice and being an art education professional. She always loves to use human life as the theme of her artworks. In the work “8 Female Dimensions – hm…” Lui inquired about the resemblance of the growth of a plant as an endless life cycle with human life.
Artwork Statement
What is creativity? What are the steps of creation?
From an idea in mind, through information research, construction of concepts, experimentation, modification, the idea turns into a final product. The creative process just like plant growth, it needs nutrients, it needs chemical reaction.
I try to use ceramics as a medium, to show the creative process, so that the audience can see how the idea becomes a creative work.