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Sham, Hoi Yee

Rainbow Series I — Orange Chair
140 x 140 x 100cm
Debe Sham obtained her Master of Visual Arts Degree from Hong Kong Baptist University. She uses mainly glass and metal in her sculptural works. As a freelance artist, Sham creates artworks in her workshop in Fotan. She also participates in various local art education and promotional activities. She has worked in some local high schools as an art teacher in order to support Hong Kong art. In 2015, Sham took part in Lingnan University’s Artist in Residence Programme as an artist in residence.
Human relationship is one of the most favoured topics for Debe Sham. Through her works, she seeks to inject new ideas, perspectives and even surprises into the area of human interpersonal relationship. “Rainbow Series I – Orange Chair” explores the changes in interpersonal relationship when people bid farewell to their childhood for adulthood. During the former, people are carefree playmates regardless of each other’s background but win-lose calculation comes into play as adulthood approaches.
Artwork Statement
Do you recall your childhood memories, when you were playing with other kids at the playground?
Despite different backgrounds and upbringings, kids naturally make friends and have fun together, like having inborn friendliness.
So since when, we start to be calculating?