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Tam, King Yin Gabrielle

Park at Night by ONION PETERMAN
4-colour Silk screen printing
on paper
20 x 130cm
Gabrielle Tam graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her artistic creations include illustrations and silk screen prints.
The work “Park at Night” shares the signature style of Tam’s workshop Onion Peterman, which is characterised by a simple and relaxed ambience and yet it examines people and lives closely. The illustration on the long canvas takes the audience for a walk in the park at night. Without the restrictions and constraints of the daytime, people are able to use the public space peacefully and freely. They enjoy their own time and space; their own excitement and tranquillity.
Artwork Statement
A concertina taking the viewers to a park at night time, where all sorts of people are enjoying the space. The scene is different than daytime, when rules are strict and choice of activity is limited. The illustration is a hand pulled silk screen printing with four colours on colour paper.