Tam, Rebeka
(8 Female Dimensions)

Catching the wind, starting a journey of Dandelion
Clay, Drawing
Size variable
Rebeka Tam has a university degree in Sociology, and one in Art and another one in Culture Management. She sees art from different angles and is devoted to art planning and development, art management and art education. She also participated in various art activities such as “Tin Library” Tin Shui Wai Community Art Exhibition, “Art. Care” presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre and Art in Hospital, “SOFA” hosted by YMC Arts in Education Projects.
“8 Female Dimensions — Catching the wind, starting a journey of Dandelion” creator Tam uses dandelions as the theme to explore the cycle of life and its endless birth and rebirth stages. This piece of work in porcelain presents the dandelion in its delicate and realistic nature, using a high relief technique to show the different stages of a dandelion’s life journey in this ongoing exhibition.
Artwork Statement
A brilliant blooming chrysanthemum
withered slowly,
emerge from its torus, the seed,
opened like a featherweight umbrella,
awaiting for the wind
When the wind blows,
the seed fly with the wind and to the sky
Closing its umbrella, the seed landed on the soil,
minuscule yet just with sufficient energy within to survive,
only when the time comes,
with the rain, sun, warmth and soil all ready,
it will awaken …
Then grow into a small sapling to greet the world;
and blooming with a big smile to the sky.
small seedlings grow into blossoms,
blossoms into fruits and matured into seeds,
and with the wind to carry on another journey …
Life cycle