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Yau, Wing Fung

Series of Platform Travelling – Hong Kong Life
Ink on paper (Original)
108 x 37.5cm (Original)
a set of 10 pieces
Yau Wing Fung was born in Hong Kong in 1990 and obtained a bachelor’s degree (first class honours) followed by a master’s degree in fine art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also undertook further studies at the Beijing Fine Art Academy.
Yau’s creations focus on the spatial aesthetics in landscape paintings and with the transition of the current spiritual context in ink paintings. His creations in graphic or three dimensional forms try to break through the existing visual experience through blending various different forms, style and layout to create new concepts.
Yau recently held the solo exhibitions “Roaming Vision” and “Inconstant Vision” and has participated in major exhibitions including “Art Basel”, “Chinese Contemporary Ink” presented by Christie’s Auction, “Ink Asia”, “Fine Art Asia” and “Art Taipei”. Yau has received important scholarships and awards including the Y.S Hui Fine Arts Award, Wucius Wong New Ink Art Award, Talent Development Scholarship, Van I-Pong Chinese Art Award.
Artwork Statement
“Series of Platform Travelling – Hong Kong” depicts the scene of each of the MTR station platforms on the East Rail Line, keeping a record of the connection between nature, the city and life, telling people that landscape is more breathing taking than those on mobile devices.