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Yeung, Hoi Ning

Ink and colour on paper
101 x 86cm

Fiona Yeung obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. In her graduation work, Yeung mainly focused on the Chinese gongbi (fine line) style of painting, as well as ink wash. In 2015, she joined an exhibition, “To Weave”, presented by Hong Kong Baptist University. Yeung is currently fascinated with the delicacy of gongbi paintings. Using her brush, she believes the form provides unlimited expressiveness through the meticulous brush work. Other than ink painting, she also experimented western and digital media in her paintings. She has the fond aspiration that she would not be bounded by media and freely expresses the beauty of meticulous and delicate gongbi (fine line) painting.
Artwork Statement
Quoting from a poem by the Chinese poet Du Fu; “As if the landscape is expecting my arrival, and the flowers are generously welcoming me”, in fact all things in daily life, even as ordinary as a bottle of shampoo, have their own spirit within. Yeung sentimentally connects her own perspective with the objective world, which imbue emotions and attains harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.