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Yu, Pui Wah Ida

In Between Drifting and Taking Root
Stoneware, porcelain and
stainless steel wire
Size variable
Ida Yu studied graphic design and subsequently obtained a Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia in 2008, majoring in ceramics. Yu founded a ceramic studio with her friends in 1997. she started a career in ceramic art in 2007. Over the years, she has been teaching children as well as adults ceramic art. Aside from promoting ceramic education, she has also focused on her own works and is participating regular in exchange programmes and exhibitions such as the inaugural Wood-fired Kiln Building competition in Taiwan in 2010, The 2nd Guangdong Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition in 2012 and the Asia Contemporary Art Show in 2014.
Artwork Statement
Miniature porcelain houses on stainless steel rods rooted on stained clay blocks tremble unsteadily to the gentlest flow of air, representing life’s instability. In recent years, many Hong Kong people contemplate immigration as part of their search for an ideal home while some other struggle to hang on. However, urban planning and housing development are forcing people to vacate their dwellings. This social issue forms the backbone of this artwork.